Transformer crosses India with EGL

By Christian Shelton24 February 2017

EGL overcame obstacles to deliver a transformer to a factory in Bihar, India

EGL overcame obstacles to deliver a transformer to a factory in Bihar, India

Express Global Logistics (EGL), a project specialist with headquarters in Mumbai, has completed a critical move of a power transformer for a manufacturing client in Bihar, India.

The pick-up was from Sonipat in Haryana and the 75 tonne transformer was delivered to Ramnagar, Bihar, 1,500 kilometres away.

The trailer combination used six axles and a 480 horsepower prime mover to transport the transformer, which is 6.4 metres long by 2.7 m wide by 4. 1 m high.

Obstacles along the route included a river. To cross it, a temporary bypass was installed over the river. The bypass was constructed for 150 m (with an entrance approach of 60 m over the river of 40 m, and an exit road of 50 m).

The total time taken to deliver the package to the factory site was 18 days.

The EGL project team leader said, “The entire project was handled meticulously from the transportation to the construction of the bypass. An extensive study and survey was conducted as part of this movement regarding the origin, destination and the travel route. The efficiency and attention to detail of the project and operation team was much appreciated by the client.”

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