Transport awards for excellence

20 March 2008

Convoi from the Netherlands developed a Rotation Tool for MRI scanner attachments to help install the machines in difficult locations in a safe and efficient way.

The project combined the lifting activities and industrial relocation expertise of Convoi BV, which places medical systems around the world.

Its challenge was to find a way to move a new three tonne MRI scanner magnet built in the US.

The rotation tool had toenable the height of the magnet to be reduced from 2.4 m to a more acceptable two metres, while transporting it horizontally inside hospitals ” a llowing it to pass through doorways It had to be lightweight and small enough for transport by air and to fit inside buildings and easy to install Once the mag net arrives at its destination a mobile crane is used to unload it, while a further crane is often used to place the magnet inside the building. Lifting capacities range from 40 to 650 tonnesThe pictures were taken during a project in Seattle, USA.

R Collett & Sons in the UK received an order to transport a gas scrubber vessel from Sczcecin in Poland, to Scunthorpe in the UK.

The scrubber was divided into sections. The top section measured 19.8 by 6.7 m and weighed 67 tonnes, while the base section was 15.2 m long by 7.116 m wide and 6.78 m high, weighing 42 tonnes The base ring was 6.87 m in diameter, 1 m high and weighed 5 tonnes.

Collett arranged for loading and shipping from Poland, including the use of a mobile crane to hoist the scrubber on to the docks at Scunthorpe.

Due to the dimensions and weight involved, the Collett team carried out a detailed route survey to establish the most feasible route, using its in-house CAD system to help decide the suitable trailer configurations.

To move the large and heavy sections Collett used a set of nine and seven axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi modular trailers. The light section was carried on a standard 40 foot flat bed The loads reached the Corus site without incident and on time specializes in the transport of yachts and over the years has expanded to offer transport throughout Europe and further afield, if requiredThe company now offers yacht transport by road to destinations previously only accessible by sea or lengthy shipments over inland waterways It has also developed a new trailer concept with other manufacturers Last year Van de Wetering transported a yacht 1,600 km from Maasbracht, in the south of Holland, travelling through Belgium and France to Port St. Louis, on the Mediterranean The yacht was loaded on to a four-axle Nooteboom Euro lowloader, equipped with vesselbeams. Together the truck and trailer was 32 m long by 5.6 m wide and 5.45 m high, with a gross weight of 70 tonnes

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