Transportes Crexell buys Demags

By Christian Shelton22 March 2018

Argentinian oil sector services company Transportes Crexell has bought two all terrain cranes from manufacturer Terex Cranes. The models are a Demag AC 100-4L and a Demag AC 250-5.

Demag ac 250 5 crexell

Transportes Crexell has bought a Demag AC 250-5 (pictured) and a Demag AC 100-4L

The order was facilitated by Terex and Demag distributor Grúas San Blas SA Argentina, which said the Demag AC 250-5 was the first of its type in the country. The crane has a capacity of 250 tonnes, a main boom length of 70 metres, and a maximum system length of 102 m.

The 100 tonne capacity AC 100-4L crane has a main boom length of 59.4 m and a maximum system length of 81.6 m.

“Industry leading flexibility and outstanding support from our distributor, Gruas San Blas, made purchasing these new Demag cranes an easy decision,” commented Nicolas Crexell, president of Crexell. “We’re looking forward to working these machines hard for many years to come and know the Gruas San Blas team, with several branches located throughout the country, will be there to support our crews along the way.”

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