Transportes Montejo moves excavator

By Christian Shelton16 January 2018

Colombian logistics specialist Transportes Montejo completed the transport of a 700 tonne Komatsu PC 8000 hydraulic mining shovel excavator over 25 kilometres of difficult terrain.

It transported the excavator to the Drummond Mine in La Loma, Colombia, using a PST/SL modular transporter from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft (Goldhofer). The self-propelled PST/SL modular transporter was used in a double-width 16-axle configuration. An extra-strong ramp was required to load the excavator onto the modular transporter, said Goldhofer. Including the ramps and steel plates (used to load the excavator onto the transporter), the total weight was approximately 800 tonnes.

Transportes Montejo also used a PST/SL with two 360 kW power packs and three Kenworth 6 x 6 tractors to move a P&H 2800 XPC electric mining excavator weighing approximately 1,000 tonnes.

According to Transportes Montejo, planning the transportation of the PC 8000 took five days, while the actual operation took four days. The route included passing two mountains with gradients up to 5 per cent and a 30 metre-long bridge. “With the help of the Goldhofer service team we were able to distribute the load of the 2800 XPC on the modular transporter to best effect and complete the journey exactly according to plan,” commented Carlos Eduardo Alfonso, Transportes Montejo operations manager.


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