Tri-Kon takes delivery of Shuttlelift gantry crane

08 August 2016

Shuttlelift delivered a Single Beam gantry crane to Tri-Kon

Shuttlelift delivered a Single Beam gantry crane to Tri-Kon

Industrial crane manufacturer Shuttlelift has delivered a 50 tonne capacity single beam gantry crane to Tri-Kon Precast Products, a manufacturer of precast concrete in western Canada.

Tri-Kon needed a way to simplify its lifting process and safely navigate the 12 per cent grade that splits its yard into an upper and lower half. Its old process was complex and meant hiring outside sources to handle the product, so it turned to Shuttlelift’s engineering team for a lifting solution.

Shuttlelift worked with Tri-Kon and Kendrick Equipment, a Shuttlelift distributor for the Northwest region of North America. It was decided that the 50 tonne capacity single beam gantry crane, specially designed to have more power, was the answer.

Dave Marshall, sales manager at Kendrick Equipment, said, “The additional horse power, along with the single beam’s pivot trunnion, allows the customer to safely carry loads between the upper and lower levels of the yard.

“The Shuttlelift gantry crane also cuts down on the time it takes to make each pick and load product.”

With the single beam crane, Tri-Kon has experienced an increase in efficiency and product output, all while saving money by eliminating the cost of crane rentals, the manufacturer said.

Chris Kostuik, owner of Tri-Kon Precast Products, added, “Not having to rely on outside sources for lifting has given us more control of our schedule. The single beam has significantly cut down the amount of double handling needed, which saves time and money.”

Another benefit is the wireless remote control, which comes standard on all Shuttlelift single beam series gantry cranes. This feature allows the operator to be outside the cab when operating the machine for a better line of sight. “With the wireless remote operators can become riggers as well, cutting down on personnel needed to make each pick and the ability to allocate those labour hours elsewhere”, said Marshall.

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