Truck-mounted scissor from Lift-A-Loft

By Lindsey Anderson29 September 2010

Lift-A-Loft has developed a new truck-mounted scissor lift, pictured here.

Lift-A-Loft has developed a new truck-mounted scissor lift, pictured here.

Indiana-based Lift-A-Loft Corp. has released its self-contained scissor lift that can be mounted in the bed of a pickup truck. The TL22 was created for users who don't need a trailer to haul separate lifts to jobs.

The TL22 offers a 500-pound platform capacity and when mounted on a 32-inch truck bed, it provides 21 feet, 10 inches of platform height. It comes standard with a 36-inch rear extended deck.

The TL22 works at sites where a pickup truck can be positioned directly at the work location, such as bridge repair, tunnel work, commercial sign work, construction, maintenance and more.

"Keeping it simple is key," said William Fulton, Lift-A-Loft chief executive officer. "After a simple installation kit is installed, the TL22 can be placed in the bed of the truck to do a specific job. When the truck bed is needed for other jobs, the lift can be removed and stored in just minutes. One truck can be used to change lights in the morning and haul cargo in the afternoon."

The TL22 can be mounted in the bed of any truck that offers 2,650 pounds of payload and at least an 8-foot-long bed. It features a self-contained power pack that automatically recharges from the truck's electrical system and the truck does not need to be running in order for the lift to operate. The TL22 meets all ANSI A92.2 requirements and does not need outriggers.

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