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24 April 2008

The collaboration between Terex Utilities and Bizzocchi of Italy has been unaffected by the Effer/Bizzocchi acquisition by CTE. Ron Norris, Terex Utilities vice president - marketing and business development, told AI; 'We have a joint development partnership and distribution agreement for transmission class equipment for the Americas.”

The Terex Hi-Ranger TM 167 NI, launched at ICUEE last September, provides 50.9 m of working height and 25 m of out reach. Bizzocchi designed the structural, hydraulics, and electronic systems of the articulating and telescoping boom, while Terex has maintained overall system design responsibility.

The non-insulated boom has an independent, auxiliary engine power source and an aluminium, 450 kg capacity platform. The boom can be fitted with a material-handling package, which gives the unit a combined capacity of 730 kg.

The first unit has been in Terex's own fleet for about six months and has been rented by several power companies for transmission construction work and for trials. The units cost about US$900000 (€760000) and Terex says it will also launch an insulated version of the TM 167.

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