Trucking litigation trends

02 April 2014

An upcoming Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) webinar on 16 April at 12 p.m. US EST will offer insight into trucking litigation trends.

Organised by the SC&RA, the presentation will focus on recent developments in litigation involving commercial carriers as well as the use of social media. Record verdicts have been recorded over the last several years through the use of the “Reptilian Theory”, a concept advocated by personal injury attorneys to evoke fear, paranoia and ultimately dollars for an injured party with the intention of punishing or destroying the other party.

Speakers, John Pion, Pion, Nerone, Girman, Winslow and Smith will discuss strategies to avoid and defeat this approach. In addition, the discoverability of social media and its wide application to current litigation will be addressed. Social media can be used as a surveillance and investigative tool to challenge the allegations of a plaintiff, but it can also be evidence against the corporation’s interests. This topic affects all drivers and commercial carriers, so be sure to attend to be updated on the current status.

The webinar is free for SC&RA members and US$ 49 for non-members. For more information visit the SC&RA website

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