Tunnel scissor launch

19 November 2018

Hybeko 2

Norway’s coastline of fjords and high mountains is famously scenic but also a major challenge for rail and road connections. The country has long experience of constructing tunnels as a result.

Today, Norway continues to invest massively in maintaining, improving and extending its transport system. With this in mind, Hybeko chose the Genie GS-3390 RT rough terrain scissor lift to develop its own scissor lift model, adapted to meet the specific needs of tunneling and other contruction applications.

This led to the launch of the Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT that combines minimal exhaust emissions with two modes of operation - tunnel and standard - in a single unit. In the short time it has been on the market, the new Hybeko ‘Tunnel’ lift is already a popular choice among rental customers in Norway, says the company. 

But why the choice of a diesel-powered machine? Firstly, for the time being, recharging batteries is a slow process and recharging in tunnels is not authorised under current legislation in Norway. Consequently, electric-powered units are not a suitable option. Secondly, in tunnel applications, speed is a key factor.

Hybeko 5

This is particularly the case for maintenance duties that generally need to be completed overnight to avoid closures that perturb traffic, explained the company. Performance is also driven by the model’s speed of 8 km/h (5 mph).

Espen Johannessen, Hybeko chief executive, explained, “With more tunnels opening each year, in addition to an extensive existing tunnel network that requires regular maintenance, Norway counts several huge projects that are scheduled for completion within the next 10 years. However, while market demand for access equipment is high, work in tunnels means adapting equipment to specific requirements. These include low exhaust emissions, lower working heights to avoid contact with overhead obstacles such as fans and efficiencies that help save time to work rapidly. Designed with and for our customers in Norway, our Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT scissor lift is built to meet all the different aspects of tunnel and general construction access applications following the latest European EN 280 guidelines.”

Hybeko Tunnel GS-3390

Equipped with a high performance catalyst and particle filter for minimal exhaust emissions and a 7.38m ’super deck’ platform offering up to 1,134kg lift capacity and room for up to seven people and equipment, the Hybeko Tunnel 3390 RT offers two modes of operation (standard/tunnel). Interchangeable at the turn of a key, these two separate operating modes offer maximum working heights of 8m or 11.94m and the choice of a 45/29 sec or 32/19 sec platform raise/lower speeds.

In a sector where speed really counts, the ability to drive the machine at full height on inclines of up to 8 degrees is a key time-saving feature. A cable drum on stand, towing support and air/water to platform hose feature, among a wide selection of other options and accessories, are available with this new Hybeko scissor lift model.



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