Twin energy and tree clamp options from Magni

02 December 2016

Magni TH ‘twin energy’ partial power supply.

Magni TH ‘twin energy’ partial power supply.

Magni Telescopic Handlers has added a tree clamp to its full range of rotating telehandlers, as well as a 'twin energy' electric power supply option.

The Kinshofer gripper automatically calculates the diameter of the tree with its height and the weight of the section to be cut, by using pre-set tables. The clamp can handle trunks up 1700mm diameter and is equipped with a built-in chainsaw with 90cm blade for cutting. It is also equipped with 360° for optimal cutting and placing branches directly on a truck or in a shredder.

If equipped with camera kits and boom and cab lights, the RTH models can work quickly in twilight or in poor lighting condition. The measuring system enables the machine to determine if it is safe to cut.

Magni TH has also designed a ‘twin energy’ machine with a partial power supply. The technology makes it possible to carry out handling operations with zero emissions by connecting the vehicle to an external electricity source of 380V.

It is designed for confined and poorly ventilated spaces and with reduced noise. The system also reduces fuel costs and results in a higher resale price - the mechanism allows less intensive use of the motor and prolongs its life and functionality.

The option can is available for the RTH range and can be combined with the manufacture’s other attachments.

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