Two new cranes from Link-Belt

28 February 2008

Link-Belt has introduced a new telescopic truck crane and new crawler crane.

The new truck crane is the 75 US ton (68 tonne) capacity HTC-8675 Series II. It replaces the HTC-8675 from 1996 and is one of the manufacturer's best selling machines. The new model offers more standard features, longer reach, better lift capacities, and improved over-the-road mobility, according to the manufacturer.

The HTC 8675's 127 foot (38.7 m) boom adds 12 feet (3.7 m) over its predecessor and uses Link-Belt's patented latching boom. For more flexibility, there are four boom modes, EM1-EM4, instead of two. Teflon pucks in the wear pads selflubricate the boom sections. The top and bottom wear pads are universal for all sections, eliminating the need to stock multiple pad sizes.

An optional two-piece, 38 to 64 foot (11.6 to 19.5 m) bi-fold lattice fly and two optional 16 foot (4.9 m) lattice extensions give a maximum tip height of 230 feet (70.2 m). The fly offsets to 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

Powered by a 445 hp (331.8 kW) Caterpillar C-13 diesel with 1,550 pounds-feet (2,101.5 Nm) of torque, the new crane has more torque than its predecessor and meets EPA's 2007 on-highway regulations.

*Link-Belt's new crawler crane is the 80 US ton (72.6 tonne) capacity 138 HSL lattice boom crawler, IC sister magazine American Cranes & Transport exclusively revealed. The new 138 HSL is the next generation of the company's 138 series H, HII and Hylab 5. See the Crawler crane feature starting on page 14 for more on this and other developments in the crawler crane sector.

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