Two Sennebogen crawlers used for foundation digging

14 August 2017

German construction company Berger Grundbautechnik is using two Sennebogen duty cycle cranes for digging diaphragm walls up to 25 metres deep as part of the preparation work for the construction of the new BAB 100 motorway in Berlin, Germany.

According to Sennebogen, its 690 HD and 6130 HD duty cycle cranes are reliable, robust, and have high hydraulic capacities, which it claimed made them particularly suitable for the job. The company said that the 690 HD has proven itself over years of use in similar digging applications; however, it was a relatively new area of application for the 6130 HD.

Berger Grundbautechnik took delivery of the 6130 HD at the end of 2016, Sennebogen said. It has a capacity of 130 tonnes and is driven by a 570 kW diesel engine. For operation with the diaphragm wall grabber, the duty cycle crane has been fitted with two 300 kN free-fall winches, said Sennebogen. It claimed that the free-fall speed of the winches is easily regulated via a potentiometer. The company added that the machine’s powerful winch strength and high load capacity allow for a fluid and rapid work process, even with heavy grapples. For example, the diaphragm wall grabber being used weighs around 25 tonnes, and then there is the additional weight of the earth it digs up.

“In the Sennebogen 6130 HD, we have found the perfect machine for demanding specialist foundation engineering,” commented Berger Grundbautechnik. “The high hydraulic system drive power is completed with good structural stability.”

Sennebogen attributes the crane’s stability, in part, to its 7.2-metre-long track rollers. The caterpillar undercarriage telescopes out hydraulically to a track width of up to 4.1 m and, in the current configuration, the machine works with a heavy-duty boom, running to a total of 27 metres in length.

Once completed, the new stretch of motorway being built will connect the eastern areas of Berlin to the central road circuit and the BAB 113. Large sections of the motorway will either run in a tunnel or in a 7-metre-deep trough.

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