Tyre age limit proposal

By Alex Dahm19 July 2019

Consultation document

Consultation document

The Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK wants to introduce regulations banning the use of tyres aged ten years and older on commercial vehicles.

Improved road safety is the aim of the proposal. If it goes ahead, new legislation would make it an offence to use tyres 10 years or older on certain vehicles.

The proposed ban is at the consultation stage and would apply to heavy goods vehicles, heavy trailers, buses, coaches and minibuses. In more detail it would apply to heavy goods vehicles category N2 (over 3.5 tonnes but not exceeding 12 tonnes) and N3 (over 12 tonnes), heavy trailers, including semi-trailers (category O3 between 3.5 and 10 tonnes) and O4 (over 10 tonnes) and buses, coaches and minibuses (categories M2 and M3). Full details of the M, N, and O categories, which are based on EU regulations, are available here: https://www.vehicle-certification-agency.gov.uk/vehicletype/definition-of-vehiclecategories.asp

Also potentially in the frame are taxis and private hire vehicles. Excluded from the proposals are cars, motor caravans, trailers (3.5 tonnes and under) or caravans (3.5 tonnes and under).

In helping to precipitate the proposal, the DfT cites “two significant road traffic collisions in recent years that led to the tragic deaths of eight people. In both of these collisions, HM Coroner has determined that a contributory factor was a defective tyre fitted to the steered axle of the vehicle. In both cases the age of the tyre was directly linked to its failure.”

Implementation would include amending the existing Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 (SI 1986/1078) and changes may also be made to the Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981 (SI 1981/1694) governing roadworthiness testing for light duty vehicles and large passenger carrying vehicles, and to the Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing Regulations 1988 (SI 1988/1478) for HGVs and heavy trailers.

The consultation period runs until 1 September 2019. See the consultation document at: www.gov.uk/dft#consultations

Responses by e-mail should be sent to: IVS.Consult@dft.gov.uk or by post: International Vehicle Standards Division, Department for Transport, Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR.


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