UK custom and goods lift specialist launches access platforms

By Maria Hadlow08 July 2008

Edmolift launches first access platforms, the T-zip range.

Edmolift launches first access platforms, the T-zip range.

UK manufacturer, Edmolift has launched its first low level platform, T-zip. The T-zip comes in two models and is designed to be a safe replacement for ladders, steps and kick stools.

The T-zip 5X has a maximum platform height of 1 m; it weighs 115 kg and can fit through a standard single door. The T-zip 2XX model has a greater platform height of 1.6 m and weighs 135 kg: both platforms are 0.9 by 0.6 m and deigned to lift "one man and his tools".

The T-zip platforms elevate in seconds using power units derived from Edmolift's goods lift range. "This power unit and control system has been in general use for over 10 years and has a proven track record," said Darren Papani, Edmolift's sales director.

"Our decision to enter the mainstream access market was taken as a direct result of customer demand, he said."Having produced custom designed powered access for over 40 years it was a natural progression to introduce a standard range."

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