UK shopping mall falls to Brokk demolition robot

11 April 2011

The Brokk 400 robot at work in Basingstoke, UK

The Brokk 400 robot at work in Basingstoke, UK

UK contractor John Stacy & Sons selected a demolition robot rental solution for a demanding demolition/refurbishment contract at the Basingstoke Malls shopping centre in the UK. The contract called for very compact working environments with weight restrictions (maximum 7 tonnes) that were only accessible during night time working, with strict noise (maximum 100 dBa) and emission limits (no diesel fumes allowed).

Brokkhire UK supplied a Brokk 400 demolition robot equipped with a Darda CC700 crusher to carry out the work, which consisted of the removal of in situ reinforced concrete walls, balconies and two bridge structures totalling 390 m2 (4,200 ft2) with a total weight of 285 tonnes.

Preparation work was a major feature of this contract, with crash decks having to be erected as required, wire and track sawing carried out and large pieces of concrete having to be handled. The Brokk successfully processed the required volume of concrete in just 19 operating hours - in fact it took longer to clear out the debris than it took to carry out the actual demolition.

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