Unique turbine blade transporter from Scheuerle

By Euan Youdale21 April 2010

The TTI group of Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag, has launched a new trailer to transport wind turbine blades, nacelles and tower segments.

The blade adapter is described as a world first and is able to travel twisty roads to reach remote erection sites. This often requires laborious manoeuvering or even unloading the sections and moving them by crane.

The blade adapter can be fitted to the self-propelled InterCombi SP trailer or to a slab deck of a trailer combination. It also has a lifting, lowering and turning device.

One side of the blade is moved by remote control, so that the tip of the blade points upward at an angle of up to 23 degrees. It can then be moved to pass over obstructions like walls and trees at ground level.

To reduce the load's sail area and improve vehicle stability, the blade can be rotated on its longitudinal axis.

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