Unishipping delivers world’s largest copper recycler

17 December 2013

The units being transferred onto a river vessel

The units being transferred onto a river vessel

Unishipping International Ltd, based in Bulgaria, has delivered the world’s largest copper recycler to a production plant in the country.

The copper recycler consisted of six large WESP units, each measuring 11.7 x 5.9 x 5.9 metres and weighing 15.3 tonnes. A number of small parts were also shipped in standard containers.

For the first part of the journey the units were shipped from Mumbai in India on flat rack containers to Constanta Port, Romania. On arrival the units were transferred onto a river vessel and two barges before being transported on the River Danube to the Port of Lom, Bulgaria.

In Lom the cargo was loaded onto low bed trailers and transported 230 km by road to the job site in Pirdop, Bulgaria.
To avoid damage to the units along the route, trees were cut back and several roads along the mountain crossing from North to South Bulgaria were made wider.

Police and staff from the National electricity company escorted the convoy. The electricity company had to shut down high-voltage overhead electricity lines for the convoy to pass underneath.

The cargo was delivered to the site in Pirdop without any delay or damage, a company spokesperson said.

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