Unusual application for MB Crusher grapple

16 July 2020

Italian equipment manufacturer MB Crusher has supplied one of its MB-G900 grapples to an unusual project in Japan.

MB-G900 - Hitachi SK135 - Japan - Demolition - Wood web

The MB-G900 teams up with a Hitachi SK 135 in Japan

The job in question was to demolish a wooden house on a construction site without destroying or ruining the material.

MB said that traditional three-tooth grapples make it difficult to remove small pieces of wood and to move them around the site afterwards.

By supplying the grapple, the company said it was possible to remove the wooden planks delicately and precisely.

“The house weas deconstructed, not just demolished,” was MB’s verdict.

The job was completed quickly, accurately and without additional costs.”

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