Upright Deutschland takes on full Powered Access name

20 August 2008

The UpRight Powered Access Deutschland team: (From left) Elmar Eckenbach, Bernd Pantlofsky, Holger J

The UpRight Powered Access Deutschland team: (From left) Elmar Eckenbach, Bernd Pantlofsky, Holger Johan, Daniele Liepach and Harald Kuolt

Germany's UpRight Deutschland, a division of Power-Lift GmbH, has been renamed UpRight Powered Access Deutschland.

The renaming follows a fourfold expansion of the company's service network in Germany since the start of this year - by May it had 42 service technicians covering the whole country. The company has also grown its sales force and inventory levels for UpRight machines and parts.

Power-Lift has been master distributor in Germany for UpRight Powered Access in the UK since 2006 and Holger Johan, owner of Power-Lift, has represented UpRight for 17 years.

Mr Johan, who is also chief executive officer of UpRight Powered Access Deutschland, said, "We have significantly expanded our UpRight operations over the past two years. We now feel that the best way to demonstrate our commitment to UpRight is to carry the name - and this will also help differentiate UpRight from other ongoing activities within the Power-Lift business."

Richard Tindale, sales and marketing director for UpRight Powered Access, said, "The UpRight brand and identity is one of our most valuable commodities. However, we are happy to lend our name to this new operation in Germany, because it substantially reinforces our capacity to provide excellent customer service."

UpRight Powered Access Deutschland will be officially launched at Platformers' Days 2008 in Hohenroda, Germany, on 29 and 30 August.

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