UpRight stands tall with 26 m, 600 kg scissor lift

17 September 2008



UpRight unveiled a mammoth-sized scissor lift during day one of APEX in Maastricht. The X80ND, a narrow, diesel-powered unit, came to fruition after customers asked for a larger, slimmer and more powerful machine, said Roelant Molder, UpRight’s Holland distributor. The scissor features a working height of 26.5 m and is 1.24 m wide while offering a whopping 600 kg lifting capacity. “(Customers will) use it to build big warehouses,” Molder said, “which keep getting bigger and higher.”

Ramesh Lal, distribution manager for UpRight, said as warehouses and other big boxes continue to grow, as does the need for slim scissors. “Width is the most important thing about it,” Lal said, quoting the machine’s 1.24 m wide profile. “Not as many machines can get this high or manoeuvre as well.”

With non-marking tyres that perform 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer, the unit can access and move through slight aisles with ease, Lal said.

Even on its premiere day of being launched, the heavy duty scissor has had interested buyers, Lal said. UpRight’s Netherlands distributor, UpRight Powered Access Holland BV delivered the first unit to Colle Rental & Sales BV, a rental and sales company in Holland and Germany. “It’s a big investment for rentals,” Lal said. Lal could not comment on the unit’s sale price.

The X80ND was designed and built in partnership with Omega Platforms BV in Holland, which manufactures its own range of specialist scissors. The unit has a gross weight of 15,750 kg, features a stowed length of 5.1 m and with the deck extended, has a platform size of 1.2 m x 7.2 m. A 4-cylinder diesel engine runs the X80ND.

PHOTO: From left to right: Roelant Molder, UpRight’s Netherland’s distributor, Michael Wright after sales director, and Ramesh Lal, distribution manager, stand in front of UpRight’s mammoth X80ND heavy duty 26 m (85 foot) scissor lift. The first delivered unit belongs to Colle Rental & Sales BV.

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