UpRight unveils new niche machines in Dubai

By Maria Hadlow30 November 2009

The "beefed up" version of UpRight's rough terrain Speed Level, the Speed Level Plus.

The "beefed up" version of UpRight's rough terrain Speed Level, the Speed Level Plus.

Alongside its new range of low level access machines, UpRight showed trailer mounts, rough terrain scissors, track mounts and a beefed up version of the sigma boom, Speed Level, at its distributor conference in Dubai.

The 12.2 m working height TR34 trailer mount is manufactured in New Zealand for cost effectiveness, its bigger brother the 13.8 m working height TL39T is all about features.

The TL39T is ultra-compact with a very short towing length of 4.9 m; it has an AB38 boom structure operated using the proportional electric controls familiar to users of this articulated boom. It is the first of UpRight's trailers to have auto levelling outriggers and is available in electric, bi-energy, petrol and diesel versions (TL37 and TL49 models will follow).

Also on trailers are the XT24AL and XT24SD scissors; the XT24SD can be driven from the cage. The scissors have auto-leveling outriggers with a narrow jacking option and a deck extension giving a maximum platform length of 2.44m

The XT24SD is joystick driven with proportional controls and easy to engage two-wheel-drive, the heavy duty jockey-wheel remains in contact with the ground when driving the machine. The self propelled scissor will cost around $5000 more than the standard version.

The XRT series of four-wheel-drive, large deck, all terrain construction scissors have 12 m, 15 m and 18 m working heights, a 680 kg load capacity and a 6.6 m extended deck.

UpRight is trying solid cushion tyres for the first time which are cheaper and have the same performance, but are waiting for feedback from the market. Optional auto levelling outriggers are available.

On tracks are the AB46T 16.3 m working height articulated boom developed with Omega and the X28T 10.5 m working height scissor.

The AB46 offers a low ground load of 0.46 kg/cm2 and can be equipped with rubber tracks for easily damaged floors. The X27T has a 500 kg platform capacity and ground loading of 0.38kg/cm2.

The re-engineered version of Speed Level is called Speed Level Plus, there are two models 10 m and 11 m working heights SL 26 and SL 30

The new models have a more powerful drive system, significantly improved rough terrain performance; the hosing is better protected; there are improved side modules and higher platform capability

There is independent drive and lift manifolds with three flow dividers ensuring that power is delivered where needed. There is high torque for four-wheel drive and two speed settings: medium speed with rear wheel drive and high speed with all wheel drive

The hoses have been protected and designed to reduce pressure drops. The redesigned side modules reduce rattle and engine parts are better protected. There is a higher ground clearance and the electrical connectors have been made more robust.

A perforated aluminium deck provides more grip, easily drains water and gives better visability. Also it is lighter so the working load can be higher by 65 kg.

The controls are better secured with a front hook and a wrist rest is provided for the operator, which enhances control over rough terrain. Extra cable cores are fitted for additional equipment such as lighting and tools.

The ground controls and cut-out have been moved to the end of the machine so they aren't obstructed by a wall should they need to be deployed.

Front Axels have been made stronger and steering arms redesigned for more strength. During development the Speed Level Plus has been tested to destruction twice by one of UpRight's more exuberant drivers, now it withstands the roughest treatment, even if it falls into a deep rut at full speed, says UpRight.

UpRight's sales director Richard Tindale, said "We are reviving the Speed Level legend ....this is a completely different machine."
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