Urban art attracts attention to MEWP safety

19 April 2012

IPAF's urban art project is nearly complete, the artists, Shiz and Foundry who are well known in this artistic genre, have been working through some very inclement weather from a boom and scissor having first completed IPAF PAL Card training. The high winds this week have frequently "grounded" the artists but now the 7m by 5m canvases are nearly finished.

If you haven't already take a walk over to the IPAF stands and see the work and you can also talk to IPAF about its new easy to use "Ready Reckoner" designed to help select the most appropriate size spreader plates. The team are on hand to explain and talk you through the importance of doing a ground assessment as part of your risk assessment when using a MEWP.

You can also order copies of the 2012 Rental Surveys and ask about the first quarter results of IPAFs incident reporting scheme.

If you are a fan of urban art IPAF is looking for a good home for the canvases.

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