US$ 150 million for Peru's road network

By Richard High15 January 2010

The World Bank has approved a US$ 150 million loan to Peru's Safe and Sustainable Transport Project.

The project's objective is to improve passenger and freight transport conditions in "an efficient and safe manner" on national road corridors deemed essential to Peru's competitiveness.

There are five components to the project.

The first is road rehabilitation of four national road corridors, upgrading and Contracts of Rehabilitation and Maintenance Calendar Year pilot. The second is road maintenance.

The highway rehabilitation and modernization component will help to improve at
least four national road networks - Ayacucho-Abancay Highway, Ayacucho-Abancay Highway, Llama-Cochabamba Highway, Cochabamba-Chota Highway, and the Reither Bridge-Paucartambo Bridge on the Villarica Highway - covering about 183 km.

Highway maintenance will cover 2096 km of highway through medium-term results-based maintenance contracts.

The third is road safety infrastructure, which will support the financing of priority civil works to improve road safety on national roads that have been selected for their high levels of road crashes.

The fourth is institutional support and transport regulation and the fifth is external auditing.

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