US$ 4.54 billion construction for Tokyo Olympics

By Chris Sleight13 September 2013

Due for completion in 2019, the 80,000 seat Kasumigaoka National Stadium will be built on the site o

Due for completion in 2019, the 80,000 seat Kasumigaoka National Stadium will be built on the site of Tokyo's 1964 Olympic Stadium, ahead of the 2020 Summer Games.

Construction of venues and infrastructure for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is expected to cost US$ 4.54 billion. Tokyo, which previously hosted the summer games in 1964, beat-off alternative bids from Madrid and Istanbul.

Tokyo’s bid documents outline a US$ 4.54 billion Hosting Reserve Fund for the construction and upgrading of city-owned venues and infrastructure.

Preparation for the games will see the construction of a the 80,000 seat Kasumigaoka National Stadium on the site of the 1964 Olympic Stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, and the athletics, football and rugby competitions. There are also plans in Western Tokyo for the Musashino Forest Sports Centre, which would be used for events including the modern pentathlon.

According to the Tokyo bid documents, these two venues were to be built irrespective of the outcome of the selection procedure.

However, there are eight new permanent venues planned that were contingent on the city winning the bid. These are the Arikare Arena for volleyball, Sea Forest Waterway and Kasai Slalom Course for canoe events, the Wakasu Olympic Marina for sailing, Youth Plaza Arenas A &B for Badminton, Tatsumi International Swimming Centre for aquatics, Dream Island Archery Field and the Seaside Park Hockey Stadium. A further nine temporary venues are also planned.

The Olympic Village will be built on Tokyo Bay’s waterfront, and is expected to be finance by the private sector as part of on-going plans to redevelop this real estate.

Infrastructure improvements for the games are set to include the widening of 20 km of key roads within the city and the construction of 28 km of new motorways. One train station will also be expanded.

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