US construction spend down for May

By Mike Hayes05 July 2016

Weak public spending has been largely blamed for a fall in May’s construction spending figure in the US.

Wells Fargo reported that total seasonally-adjusted spending across the industry stood at 0.8%, equating to US$ 1,143.3 billion – down from April’s figure of US$ 1,152.4 billion.

The report stated highway and street, as well as education construction work both saw a drop in activity during May, while federal highway projects fell significantly, by 14.2%.

Across the board, the report paints a gloomy picture, with private single-family housing construction down 0.3%.

On a more positive note, multifamily residential construction is enjoying a continuing upward trend, rising 23.9% year-on-year.

Wells Fargo said, “Although it’s too early to tell if the recent US bond rally resulting from the Brexit vote will keep long-term US Treasury yields low, if sustained, we could see another refinancing wave, which will keep homeowners in place.”

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