US equipment exports fell -25% in 2013

By Chris Sleight26 February 2014

Exports of US-made construction equipment fell -25% in 2013 to US$ 20 billion, according to the US-based Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). The decline, which was seen across all regions of the world, followed three years of growth in overseas sales - +13% in 2012, +43% in 2011 and +28% in 2010.

The steepest fall was in exports to Australia/Oceania, where sales of US-made equipment fell -66% to US$ 2.1 billion. The biggest export market for US equipment makers, Canada, was down -16% to US$ 6.8 billion.

Elsewhere, exports to South America were down -22% to US$ 3.6 billion, Central America was down -2% to US$ 2.2 billion, Europe was down -19% to US$ 2.6 billion and Asia was down -33% to US$ 2.1 billion.

The leading destinations for US-made construction equipment last year were:

  1. Canada, US$ 6.8 billion, down -16%
  2. Mexico, US$ 1,8 billion, down -1%
  3. Australia, US$ 1.2 billion, down -68%
  4. Chile, US$ 999 million, down -40%
  5. Brazil, US$ 890 million, down -1.5%
  6. South Africa, US$ 674 million, down -25%
  7. Peru, US$ 638 million, down -18%
  8. Belgium, US$ 617 million, down -24%
  9. Colombia, US$ 562 million, up +1%
  10. Russia, US$ 548 million, down -23%
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