US equipment exports leap +43%

24 February 2012

Exports of US-made construction equipment grew +43% in 2011 to a total of US$ 23.5 billion, according to data from the US-based Association of Equipment Manufacturers. This follows growth of +28% in 2010 and a decline of -38% in 2009 in the depth of the recession.

Exports to Australasia and Oceania led the way in growth terms, with a rise of +73% to US$ 2.8 billion. However, in value terms, the most important export market was Canada, where sales grew by +40.5% to US$ 7.2 billion. Sales to South America were up +39% to US$ 4.3 billion and they hit US$ 2.0 billion in Central America, a rise of +23%.

Exports to Asia grew +44% to US$ 3.1 billion, while the European market for US-built machines grew +49% to US$ 2.8 billion. Africa, the smallest regional market was up +41% to US$ 1.3 billion.

In terms of individual countries, after Canada, the biggest buyer of US-built construction equipment was Australia at US$ 2.7 billion, up +79% on 2010. It was followed by Mexico, US$ 1.6 billion, +28%), Chile (US$ 1.3 billion, + 45%), Brazil (US$ 951 million, +25%), China (US$ 903 million, +81%), Colombia (US$ 811 million (+38%), South Africa (US$ 683 million, +72%), Russia (US$ 652 million, +96%) and Peru (US$ 572 million, +31%)

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