US to build major drones base in Niger

By Mike Hayes03 October 2016

The site of the planned US air base in Agadez (Google Earth)

The site of the planned US air base in Agadez (Google Earth)

A military airbase in the city of Agadez in Niger, could cost the US government US$ 100 million.

Although official reports put the cost at US$ 50 million, an investigative news site claims it has obtained documents showing the actual value of the base to be twice this figure.

The US government has agreed to pay for a 1,830 m paved asphalt runway at the base – capable of supporting C-17 cargo aircraft – as well as “associated pavements, facilities and infrastructure”.

The base is reportedly set to house a number of MQ-9 Reaper drones, in response to the increasing threat of terrorism in the country.

Niger is thought to be the only country in the region to have given its assent to the US military housing MQ-9 drones on its soil, potentially positioning itself to become an important hub for US military operations in Africa.

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