US Toyota forklift dealers to rent Aichi platforms

By Lindsey Anderson18 November 2009

Toyota Material Handling USA, Inc (TMHU) will use its Toyota Aichi dealer base to rent Aichi aerial work platforms as well as sell machines, the company has told American Lift & Handlers.

"Equipping our dealers with products to succeed in this market requires a strategy that incorporates both rentals and sales of AWP equipment," said Melinda Beckett-Maines with TMHU.

"All of the Toyota Aichi dealers have had many years of experience in the rental market renting forklifts and other warehouse products to industrial users. The addition of Aichi products allow a great product offering beyond their main industrial base."

In addition, the Toyota Aichi dealers have experience carrying construction equipment product lines for the retail and rental market. "They are starting to add Aichi products into their rental fleet," Beckett-Maines said. "A few are widening their product offerings to enter the construction rental market as well. Since our dealers are independently owned, they are tailoring their offerings to best meet the local market needs."

TMHU now has 26 dealers representing the Aichi product in the US.

For more on this story, see the in-depth interview in the January/February 2010 issue of American Lift & Handlers.

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