Valve for stabiliser applications

25 April 2008

A new range of screw-in, multi- function cartridge valves is available for applications in the crane, other lifting, and specialized transport industry. Integrated Hydraulics in the UK designed the valve for stabiliser applications.

The new dual pilot operated check valves 4CKKT50, with thermal relief, are the latest additions to the range. Advantages claimed by the manufacturer include: fewer cartridges needed in a circuit; component machining is simplified; less space is needed; assembly time is cut; and there are fewer potential leak paths. The new cartridges hold the stabiliser legs both in extended and retracted positions. The relief element prevents over pressurisation of the cylinder from thermal expansion of the oil.

In operation, pressure on the valve port causes the poppet to lift against the spring force, allowing flow to the cylinder port. Reverse flow is prevented by the poppet reseating. The cartridge fits in the same cavity as the series 5 solenoid valves. It is rated to 300 bar and has a flow rate of 25 litres/min. Internal leakage past the poppet valves is 0.3 ml/min in one line and 0.5 ml/min in the other.

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