Verdegro pushes its Eco HighLight towers

By Murray Pollok05 December 2012

Verdegro's solar and battery powered lighting tower.

Verdegro's solar and battery powered lighting tower.

Verdegro, the Netherlands company best known for its traffic management products, is marketing a range of solar and battery powered LED lighting towers including trailer-mounted and cube versions.

The HighLight product line includes one trailer unit and two cube towers, each with solar panels fitted to the main body linked to AGM batteries. The 9 m masts carry LED lamps and can be lowered either electrically or pneumatically.

The LED lamps have two brightness settings and automatic darkness sensors are included as standard. Other features include forklift lifting tubes on the trailer version and optional lifting hook skid design for the cube towers.

Sjoerd de Groot, co-founder of Verdegro Group, told IRN that the company was “ready to attack the traditional gasoline guzzling lighting machines, and are searching for distributors worldwide.” The company is on the waiting list to exhibit at Bauma next year.

Verdegro was founded in 2003 and manufactures and sells a range of mobile traffic control products, portable signage and crash dampening products. It entered the mobile lighting market more recently.

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