VIDEO: CR100 steels the show

By Lindsay Gale23 April 2009

Mantovanibenne's 11 tonne CR100R is for use on carriers from 90 to 130 tonnes.

Mantovanibenne's 11 tonne CR100R is for use on carriers from 90 to 130 tonnes.

The highlight on the Mantovanibenne stand was undoubtably the new CR100R crusher attachment with its massive jaw opening of 2 m (6.6 ft). The new attachment is designed for use on carriers weighing from 90 to 130 tonnes and itself weighs in at 11,000 kg (24,200 lb). Its twin pin jaw design ensures even crushing force through the jaw, and its twin hydraulic cylinders are fully protected from adverse dust impact while the tool is in use.

The CR100 joins the MS130 multitool as part of what Mantovanibenne refers to as its "Heavy Line" of demolition tools, to which considerable R&D effort has been expended in recent months. According to Paolo Mantovani, there is a growing demand for large demolition tools that are able to process the stronger foundations now being encountered in today's demolition projects. While the MS130 was the result of a specific customer demand, the CR100 has been developed by the company in recognition of the thicker concrete and better quality and heavier rebar that are now posing a challenge for contractors.

With this in mind, Mantovanibenne has been working to improve its larger attachment products, as well as extending the heavier end of its product line. The CR100 will be joined by a slightly smaller crusher, the CR80R, which will be shown at next year's Bauma. The CR80R will be for use on carriers weighing from 70 to 90n tones, will weigh in at 8,250 kg (18,150 lb) and will provide a jaw opening of 1.7 m (5.6 ft. Both tools are intended for use in primary demolition applications

The company has also been working to enhance its existing pulveriser offering and has added new tools to both its fixed and rotating lines, as well as adding the option of models with interchangeable tooth sets, allowing the units to be specifically configured for either primary or secondary demolition applications, with the ranges sporting the -IT. Recent new models include the MCP1300-IT, an 8,000 lb (17,600 lb) fixed pulveriser designed for 60 to 90 tonne carriers with a jaw width of 1.3 m (4.3 ft), and the RP80-IT, a 8,200 kg (18,040 lb) rotating pulveriser also for 60 to 90 tonne carriers with a jaw opening of 1.3 m (4.1 ft). These additions now mean that five models make up both the MCP-IT fixed pulveriser and the RP-IT rotating pulveriser ranges, with the new additions positioned at the top end of both ranges.

While the heavy line has received considerable attention, Mantovanibenne has not ignored the smaller end of its demolition tools. It has recently added two new smaller tools to its MCP range of fixed pulverisers. The MCP300 is designed for use with 3 to 4.5 tonne mini excavators and weighs in at 300 kg (660 lb) with a jaw opening 0.3 m (1 ft). The second small tool is the 500 kg (1,100 lb) MCP480 for use with 4.5 to 6.5 tonne machines with a jaw opening of 0.48 m (1.6 ft).

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