VIDEO: Volvo unveils paver of tomorrow

By Chris Sleight17 April 2009

Volvo's concept asphalt paver, Fenix

Volvo's concept asphalt paver, Fenix

Volvo has unveiled its vision for the future of road building in the shape of its ‘Fenix' concept. This futuristic paver is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and rather than relying on trucks, has its asphalt delivered in a series of insulated ‘pods'.

Rather than having to wait for a string of trucks to deliver asphalt exactly when required, Volvo has conceived of a system whereby asphalt could be delivered to site in insulated boxes - ‘pods' - well ahead of the paver. The Fenix system would then simply drive along, picking up the pods via a self-loading front ramp to access the asphalt inside.

Other features in this visionary machine include an elevating and tilting cab to give the operator the best view possible, and a digital heads-up display to report the machine's condition and the progress of the job.

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