Vinci Energies in electronic communications contract

By Joe Malone27 June 2016

Vinci Energies has won a €124 million contract to design and build a fibre optic very high speed network (VHSN) for Moselle Fibre – a joint association encompassing the Moselle department council and 19 municipality clusters.

The VHSN, set to be completed by 2021, will complement the private sector infrastructure and enable subscribers to connect to an FTTH (fibre to the home) electronic communications network.

Vinci Energies describes VHSNs as vital in helping connections for home care, telemedicine, education and training, as well as culture and leisure.

Vinci Energies will team up with Sogetrel – a private Canadian telecommunications company – in a joint venture for the project.

Work will begin in September and is expected to last four years. Vinci Energies said it would bring very high speed connections to two-thirds of Moselle’s municipalities and involve laying almost 6,000km of optical fibre.

The company also said there would be an average of 200 jobs at any one time throughout the duration of the project.

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