Vinci improves diversity and equality

By Chris Sleight16 July 2009

Vinci has improved equal opportunities performance according to its second annual independent diversity audit.

The study, which was launched in 2006 and first published in 2007, was carried out by Vigeo, an independent consultant specialising in corporate social responsibility. It looked a performance in terms of gender equality, equality for people with disabilities, equality for people from an immigrant background and the employment of people aged 55 or over.

The audit was carried out across 40 Vinci subsidiaries in 11 countries. It entailed interviewing almost 800 people, including manual workers, office staff and managers.

Vigeo scored the four criteria from 1 to 4. Level 1 is the worst score, where a risk of discrimination is detected and there is no evidence of a commitment to equality. Level 4 indicates a company leading the field in promoting equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. The company also noted whether performance had improved, stayed the same or worsened from the previous audit

Vinci's weakest score was in the area of gender equality, where it scored 2, although Vigeo said the situation had improved since 2007. While women were employed in skilled and semi-skilled positions, as well as in supervisory positions, the report said, "Greater efforts are needed in terms of thinking about job accessibility, analysing salary differences and measures taken to ensure a work/home balance."

In the areas of employing people with a disability and people from an immigrant background, Vinci scored a 2+, with performance improving from last year. Several of Vinci's subsidiaries in France offer literacy and French language training.

The company's highest score was in employing people aged over 55, where it was awarded a 3, with performance improving since last year. The report said, "This is due in particular to the Group's widespread practice of taking full advantage of experience, team solidarity as regards sharing tasks and making jobs less arduous."
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