Viper adds bite to screening bucket range

29 September 2016

Finnish company Ajutech has announced three-dimensional screening technology buckets to be used with excavators and loaders and is testing 4D screening bucket innovation.

Viper branded 3D screening buckets enable reuse and separation of different materials and fragmentations allowing in-situation usage of the otherwise wasted materials. Trench filling and padding, top soil mixing/stabilisation and biomaterial screening/aerating are other typical screening applications.

The Viper screening bucket attachment is designed to be light weight and moved and used together with the excavators and loaders. The base machine can be used when just changing the attachments. Downtime is minimised, one operator can do several jobs and a number of different attachments are used with same base machine.

All Viper screening buckets are anti-clogging to make the screening effective and manufactured using only Hardox wear steel to eliminate the dead weight to improve the capacity and to lower fuel costs.

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