VM Motori to develop hydrogen combustion engine

VM Motori announced it is developing a hydrogen combustion version of its 2.2 L, three-cylinder inline engine. Based on the R753 diesel model, the company said the H2-ICE version marks a new chapter in the company’s history, which was previously dedicated specifically to the design and production of diesel engines.

VM Motori hydrogen engine VM Motori said the performance of the hydrogen combustion engine will be around 10% higher than that of the R753 diesel. (Photo: VM Motori)

VM Motori believes hydrogen is destined to become one of the main energy carriers of the future, contributing to the global drive for CO2 neutrality. As such, a team of engineers has worked to update the technical specifications of the engine to include state-of-the-art injectors, common rail, pistons, spark plugs, ignition coil and pressure regulator – all necessary for hydrogen fuel – while maximizing component standardization with its diesel predecessor.

With 62 kW output and 270 Nm peak torque, the performance of the hydrogen internal combustion engine will be around 10% higher than that of the diesel engine from which it was created, VM Motori said. The engine will meet EURO VI E and STAGE V emissions regulations.

Series production of the engine is planned for 2025.

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