Volvo CE launches ‘enhanced’ wheeled loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced that it is launching its new generation L30 and L35 compact wheeled loaders.

Volvo wheeled loader Volvo CE has is launching its new generation L30 and L35 compact wheeled loaders

The OEM says that these 5.7-6.4-tonne machines are now coming to the market with more intuitive navigation and improved ease-of-use.

These compact wheeled loaders are said to provide a greater range of sight to the front and sides thanks to a slimmer dashboard. Operators will also benefit from more intuitive navigation with a larger 5” display navigated via jog wheel, as well as a more ergonomic multi-function joystick – already found on the L20 Electric and L25 Electric models.

There is a set of new options designed to ease machine operation. This includes an advanced boom kick-out and bucket leveler with boundary limits consisting of: an automatic lift and tilt, where the boom and attachment move automatically into pre-programmed positions with the press of the activation button on the joystick; a lift and tilt limiter to prevent the boom and attachment from going above and beyond a pre-set elevation/depth and to avoid hitting obstacles.

Volvo CE says that not only does this help experienced operators ensure precise repetitive movement with less fatigue, but it also helps less experienced operators carry out speedier loading cycles.

A new lift and tilt speed limiter option is intended to help when working with heavy loads/attachments as it ensures a precise and sensitive control by reducing the speed of movements. Individual settings are enabled for boom up, boom down, tilt in and tilt out.

A electro-hydraulic main control valve enhances the flow sharing among the hydraulic functions and the boom and hydraulic attachment can be operated simultaneously. 

By adding machine connectivity to these updated wheeled loaders, customers can also enable a range of services and digital solutions to help them reduce unplanned downtime and boost their profitability.

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