Wagenborg adds Enerpac jack up system

By Alex Dahm05 September 2022

red and black jacking unit Enerpac JS250 jack up system on test for Wagenborg. Photo: Wagenborg

Dutch lifting and transport specialist Wagenborg Nedlift has made a further investment to expand its fleet of jacking equipment.

It has added four units of an upgraded version of the Enerpac JS250 system with a capacity of 400 tonnes per leg unit. It is a jack-up system for heavy duty jacking projects. Up to eight legs can be operated simultaneously for a total jacking capacity of 3,200 tonnes.

Maximum lifting height of the system is 20 metres. Wagenborg has sufficient jacking elements to reach 10 metres on four legs and said it can quickly rent or buy more if required.

Adjustable top barrels

A new feature is a set of four adjustable top barrels. Gerben Elferink, Wagenborg Nedlift sales manager, said they are unique and the first ever built. “The top barrels allow height adjustment to make contact with a load and minimise the need for excessive shimming and additional support material. This will result in efficient mobilisation and flexible employment, shortening the operation and minimising the impact for the client.”

The adjustable top barrels each have an hydraulic cylinder “to ensure that alignment during a jacking operation is quite easy, making the system flexible and efficient to use. The capacity, in combination with the adjustable top-barrels, makes this new system unique and one of a kind,” according to the company.

The new system uses box-like jacking elements instead of beams. The elements are inserted at the bottom of the jacking units and pushed up hydraulically to make space for the next element. It is safer because people don’t have to work at height.

Built-in sustainability

In addition, the system is computer-controlled and is all driven electrically, making it a good fit with the sustainability strategy of Wagenborg and its customers. Each unit has its own electrically driven hydraulic power pack. The power requirement per leg is 15 kW.

For transport, a system consisting of four leg units with sufficient barrels for operation to a 20 metre lift height would require four truckloads. The whole system is fully containerised, making it easy to move worldwide, Elferink said.

Typical applications are in infrastructure-related maintenance and new construction projects. This new system’s first job will be to help replace a bridge over the Dortmund-Ems canal. With the new bridge installed the old one will be jacked up and brought onto land using a sliding system, in combination with pontoons provided with a modular support system.

red and black jacking unit Enerpac JS250 jack up system on test for Wagenborg. Photo: Wagenborg

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