Why decontamination of hazardous substances is a key issue for demolition

By European Demolition Assoication26 August 2021

Demolition is defined as the action and effect of demolishing. But it goes far beyond that act. As it happens, the decontamination of hazardous substances is a closely related activity. So much so that, today, it is completely transforming the way of working in demolition and, of course, in recycling.

At the European Demolition Association (EDA) we have long been aware of this. In fact, it was this reality that led us to promote the creation of the European Decontamination Institute (EDI). An association with which we collaborate closely and which we support in every one of its initiatives, aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and good practices in the field of decontamination of hazardous substances.

European Decontamination Institute One of the EDI’s main objectives is to provide technical and practical information and the EDA has been working with it for many years

Proof of this can be found back in time. The EDA cooperated, promoted and actively participated in the Beyond Asbestos Forum organised by the EDI in 2016. This event can be considered as the starting point of several initiatives that are being welcomed with open arms by professionals in the sector.

One of the main objectives of the EDI is, as we have mentioned, to provide technical and practical information about the decontamination of these hazardous substances, as well as information about them and their risks.

In pursuit of this goal, the association is developing a publication of international scope that stems from the progress of the Hazardous Substances Working Group, which has been meeting on a regular basis for years and is constantly growing.

The EDI special publication - Decontamination of Hazardous Substances, in which EDA actively participates, is a publication that combines technical and practical information, as well as a series of technical articles on specific topics related, of course, to hazardous substances and their decontamination.

For example, the second edition, published just a few months ago, includes technical information on more than a dozen hazardous substances and, in addition, a series of case studies on their decontamination, written by industry professionals from all over Europe. The publication also includes several specialist articles and a review of the other initiatives carried out by the EDI.

Decontamination of Hazardous Substances Report The EDI’s special publication on Decontamination of Hazardous Substances, in which the EDA actively participates

In this way, this publication plays the role of a guide that can be consulted by companies and professionals in the sector whenever they need it, to guarantee quality and safe work.

The same applies to webinars held by the EDI. At this moment, and since the pandemic appeared in our lives, the association is working on developing an educational strategy that brings value to the professionals of the sector and, of course, that raises awareness of the importance of carrying out a safe decontamination of hazardous substances and that meets the basic requirements.

These webinars, although obviously focused on the decontamination of hazardous substances, have an important relationship with demolition. For this reason, we participate in them and actively disseminate them, working together to build a professional and skilled deconstruction sector.

To find out more about the European Decontamination Institute (EDI), you can visit its official website: www.decontaminationinstitute.org

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