Wilbert Towers For The Opernturm

19 March 2008

Contractor Ed. Züblin AG is using new Wilbert tower cranes to build the 170 m Opernturm building in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

It is the first job for a pair of new model WT 300 e.tronic Wilbert towers. A WT 205L e.tronic will also be used on the building due for completion in late 2009. The two larger cranes have 16 tonnes maximum capacity and will lift 4 tonnes at 70 m radius.

On this site they have 45 m (8 tonne) and 50 m (7.1 tonne) jibs. Crane 1 has a freestanding height under hook of 79 m and started work on 12 June. It will use its 50 m jib to assemble crane 3 in July.

By phase 4 of the construction, hook heights will be 200 m and 186 m. At this height the WT 300 e.tronic will have three ties to the building. From phase 2, the standard 45 kW hoists will be exchanged for 110 kW high-rise units with faster hoisting speed.

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