Williams Scotsman & Skanska USA cooperate on sustainable buildings

By Murray Pollok16 February 2009

Williams Scotsman has developed a range of sustainable temporary buildings and contractor Skanska US

Williams Scotsman has developed a range of sustainable temporary buildings and contractor Skanska USA is already using some at sites in the US.

Williams Scotsman and contractor Skanska USA Building Inc have signed a supplier agreement under which Skaska USA will be able to buy or rent three types of specialy designed sustainable mobile site buildings.

The sustainable site huts comprise three models, designated light green, mid green and dark green. The light and mid green versions are refurbished buildings from the company's existing fleet while the dark green units are newly built. The special features of the cabins are:

• Light green: uses energy efficient light bulbs, motion sensors, weather stripping, caulk, and programmable thermostats, among others.

• Mid-green: includes energy efficient HVAC units, eco-minded finishes, and other system enhancements.

• Dark green: includes all the light and mid green options as well as an eco-minded interior and exterior design and framework. The units also include composting and self-sustaining renewable resource systems that maximise energy efficiency in the units.

Michele Cunningham, vice president of marketing and business development for Williams Scotsman, said; "Our new sustainable line demonstrates job site innovation and may afford project teams the opportunity to obtain additional innovation and design points, making a higher level of LEED certification achievable". LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the green building rating system developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

Elizabeth Heider, senior vice president of sustainability for Skanska, said; "Improving the sustainability of the temporary space on our jobsites is an important part of Skanska's overall commitment to green building. The collaboration with Williams Scotsman resulted in an innovative and flexible product portfolio that enables us to reduce our impact regardless of project scope or scale. Together, we were able to prove that we can work green while we build green."

Williams Scotsman has already supplied light green units to Skanska and its subcontractors on a project site for a technology company and additional mid green units for job sites at Virginia Tech University and a large detention center project.

"We understand the importance of balancing environmental imperatives with customer needs and as such we developed a product line that makes green modular offices a viable option for the construction sector," said Ms Cunningham.

Williams Scotsman worked with architect Hord Coplan Macht to create the sustainable units. Readers can find out more about the units and sustainable modular design at www.willscot.com/green

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