WillScot buys blast resistant modules

28 March 2022

North American modular building supplier WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp has acquired the range of blast resistant modules and related products from US portable accommodation specialist Satellite Structures.

Blast resistant module. (Photo: WillScot Mobile Mini).

The transaction, for an undisclosed sum, was funded with cash on hand and borrowings under the company’s revolving credit agreement.

The units are built to be a quickly deployable solution to enhance worksite safety in the hazardous industries, conditions and blast threats. They can be outfitted for uses including offices, break rooms, restrooms, locker change rooms, control centres or tool containers.

Modules can be stacked and are designed for placement on any hard surface and easy relocation. They can withstand events up to 8 PSI and 200 milliseconds

Brad Soultz, Chief Executive Officer of WillScot Mobile Mini, said the acquisition would build on the company’s safety culture and technical expertise and expand its offering of blast resistant modules.

“This transaction creates new opportunities to grow our offering with existing customers in the industrial, petrochemical, manufacturing, defense and other verticals that demand the highest standards for safety, service, reliability, and turnkey solutions, all of which WillScot Mobile Mini is uniquely positioned to deliver.

“Across all of our verticals, we bring the most sophisticated capabilities to the most demanding customers. We will continue to extend those capabilities through our acquisition strategy and the development of our ‘Ready to Work’ value proposition, as well as the application of technology and other commercial and organisational best practices.”

WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp recently confirmed it was predicting 10% to 15% growth in 2022 compared to 2021, driven by acquisitions. 

The Satellite Structures deal adds to recent acquisitions made by WillScot Mobile Mini including Portable Storage Corporation and other purchases totalling 11,000 units.

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