WireCo launches U.S.-made crane rope production

WireCo, a manufacturer of mission-critical wire rope, synthetic rope and netting and electromechanical cable, has launched brand-new production of Made in the USA High-Performance crane ropes.

Casar and Oliveira products will now be made in Missouri as part of a $30 million investment. Casar and Oliveira products will now be made in Missouri as part of a $30 million investment.

For the first time, customers can now purchase Casar and Oliveira brand ropes made in America.

This launch is the culmination of WireCo’s investment of about $30 million in a commitment to deliver the same quality ropes that customers have acquired from facilities in Germany and Portugal but now also produced in Sedalia, MO, the company said. The new ropes follow the exact same manufacturing and testing protocols, but local production means improved availability and quicker delivery for United States customers.

“Our Casar and Oliveira ropes have long enjoyed great recognition and loyalty to our U.S. customers, but production in Europe posed logistical challenges,” said Keith White, CEO, WireCo. “We strongly believe our ropes and our brands deserve to be made in America, and our investments back that up. We’ve never invested this much capital in one single project. That’s the power of Casar and Oliveira ropes.”

The investment has completely transformed WireCo’s Sedalia facility into a high-performance crane rope center.

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