Wolffkran launches 224 B luffer

14 August 2008

Wolff 224 B

Wolff 224 B

Tower crane manufacturer Wolffkran in Germany has launched the Wolff 224 B luffing jib tower crane.

It is an improved version of the established 180 B. Changes entailed the "complete re-engineering of the hoisting winch and its jib system," according to Wolffkran.

The new 224 B has 8/16 tonne (single/double fall operation) hoisting capacity over the 6/12 tonnes of the 180 B. Single-fall load capacity is 33% greater than before. Spooling capacity of the hoisting winch is increased so that a 600 m hook path is possible in single fall operation, or 300 m with two falls. A 75 kW hoist is available as an option instead of the 60 kW hoisting gear.

Moving the hoisting gear from the jib foot to the jib section, with the rope reeved through the jib to the jib top, means the load-sensing pin is in the second section of the jib instead of the jib head, which means easier servicing and helps reduce installation costs.

Jib length can be altered in 5 m steps from the 30 m minimum up to the 60 m maximum, 5 m longer than the 55 m of the 180 B. Capacity is 8 tonnes at 26.5 m radius with 60 m jib and 1.6 tonnes at 60 m. In two-fall configuration the 16 tonne maximum is available with 50 m jib to 16.5 m radius and 3.7 tonnes at maximum radius.

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