Wolffkran's new range-topping 1250 B luffer

30 March 2009

New from Wolffkran is the 1,500 tonne-metre Wolff 1250 B luffing jib tower crane, writes Alex Dahm.

It is the German manufacturer's largest luffer. From the basic jib length of 40 m the jib can be extended in 5 m increments to give 80 m radius. Lifting capacity is 60 tonnes. The 132 kW hoisting gear gives 20 tonnes capacity in one-fall operation, 40 tonnes on two falls and 60 tonnes on three falls. A four-fall 80 tonne capacity version is also possible, added Thomas Herse, head of engineering at Wolffkran.

"These notable features mean this crane is, at this time, the biggest luffer on offer from a European manufacturer," said Gerd Tiedtke, Wolffkran product manager.

Target applications include power plant construction. "We have huge demand from customers around the world. This crane was designed for the growing needs of power plant projects around the world, for the large industrial projects and for some of the very big high rise buildings. In general we see a trend that construction technology and methods require larger and larger tower cranes to support them. The 1250 B is the answer to that," explained Ulrich Dörzbach, Wolffkran managing director.

Demand for the new crane is from central Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Forecasting sales, Dörzbach said, "We will need about four or five units short term, in 2009 to Q1 2010; also for our own rental fleet. However, we are prepared to build up to 10 or 15 units a year of this type of crane. This is not a crane you will just put in stock. We take orders now and deliveries start in July."

For full details on Wolff's new largest luffing jib tower, see the feature in the April 2009 issue of International Cranes and Specialized Transport.

Wolff 1250 B specification

Maximum load moment 1,500 tonne-metres

Capacity 60 tonnes

Maximum jib radius 80 metres

Capacity at maximum radius 11 tonnes

Jib lengths from 40 to 80 m in 5 m increments

Typical component weight 15 tonnes

Heaviest component (tower top lower part) 23.7 tonnes

Hoisting winch 132 kW

Luffing winch 110 kW

Working speed (single fall) 192 m/min

Working speed (double fall) 95 m/min

Working speed (triple fall) 63 m/min

Freestanding height (60 m jib) 90 m

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