World's biggest flat tops from Linden Comansa

22 November 2011

Unfolded jib section of the Linden Comansa LC3000 series

Unfolded jib section of the Linden Comansa LC3000 series

Linden Comansa is launching what it said is the world's highest capacity flat top tower crane series.

The LC3000 series is designed by the Spanish manufacturer mainly for heavy industry, mining and public works. It is available from the beginning of December 2011 and includes two models: the 30 LC 1100 and 30 LC 1400, each with three versions, offering 32, 48 and 64 tonne lifting capacities.

Features include newly patented jib and tower sections, with easiness of transport and erection, along with modular components continuing to be key elements in the design.

Jib lengths range from 40 to 80 metres in 10 m increments. The biggest section is 6.2 m tall and 10 m long. A new system allowing the upper part of the jib to fold down means these sections can fit into an open-top container, while the rest of the jib sections fit into standard closed containers, said the company.

Tower sections are 4 m and 5.5 m wide and are designed for this series. Maximum freestanding height is 88.8 m but much greater height can be achieved with tie frames. With two tie frames 198.3 m can be achieved.

In addition, a new 5.5 m wide tower section has been developed for greater freestanding heights. It uses the same quadrants as the 4 m wide section but has an extra panel on each side and an additional central structure for stability. The tower sections of the LC3000 series can also be combined with the tower sections of other Linden Comansa cranes, including the 21 LC 750.

The series can be erected with fixing angles or over a 10 m 'H' type base. The existing 10 m wide folding cross base has been modified so the 30 LC 1100 model can be erected on it.

All models have a 200 kW hoist, with frequency control and drum capacity of 1,450 m. They also include Linden Comansa's double trolley system with automatic reeving change, among a range of other technical improvements.

"This is not the first time Linden Comansa has manufactured high capacity cranes," said a company spokesman. " In the 1970s, they were offered by the old Linden company. In the 1990s Linden Comansa received special orders for cranes with maximum loads up to 60 tonnes. However, due to the design of the new LC3000 series, the manufacturing and delivery periods are now significantly shorter, and a highly competitive price has been achieved."

The LC3000 series will be available for order from 1 December 2011. Delivery time is 10 or 12 months, said the manufacturer, although that should be reduced to six months when the production process is perfected.

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