World’s largest transporter for HHI

By Laura Hatton22 September 2014

The Scheuerle E SHT 1300 has a 30 x 10 meter platform and electronic multi-way steering

The Scheuerle E SHT 1300 has a 30 x 10 meter platform and electronic multi-way steering

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in Korea is due to take delivery of a 1,300 tonne capacity Scheuerle shipyard transporter (SHT).

The SHT 1300 will be shipped to South Korea. To reduce shipping costs, the pieces shipped in two pieces and welded together at the Ulsan shipyard.

The SHT is the biggest single shipyard transporter ever built, the manufacturer said. It has a 30 x 10 metre platform and multiway steering and a steering angle of 165 degrees. In addition, the transporter has an inner turning radius of zero degrees, allowing the vehicle to turn on the spot. The ship section transporter has a hydrostatic drive system on 12 of the 40 pendulum axles. It is also fitted with cameras.

Bernd Schwengsbier, TII sales president, said, “Apart from the fact, that the Scheuerle SHT 1300 will speed up the production processes and increase the size of modules that can be handled, it is also easy to maintain and to operate. This means comparatively low service and operator education costs.”

Ralf Grützmacher, TII sales area manager for Asia, added, “On the Hyundai Heavy Industries production site in Ulsan, like at all other shipyards, it’s all about time, reliability and safety. That’s why Hyundai decided to buy a further TII Group transporter.”

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