XCMG aims truck cranes at UK

By Euan Youdale21 May 2008

Two demonstrator XCMG truck cranes have been imported into the UK with the aim of increasing the manufacturer's presence in the market.

XCMG Cannon, UK distributor for the Chinese crane manufacturer XCMG, will make the 25 tonne capacity QY25K and 50 tonne QY50K truck cranes available on a two to three month trial basis. William Cannon, XCMG Cannon managing director, said he hoped this would help convince potential customers that the XCMG brand is worth investing in.

Cannon, who is based in Northern Ireland, added that both models had received the CE Marking, a European health, safety and environmental standard. Next to receive the certification will be other XCMG truck cranes up to 70 tonnes capacity, he explained.

According to Cannon, customers will be attracted to the low price and quick lead times. A 50 tonne truck crane from XCMG costs about £210,000 (US$413,000), compared to almost double that for a similar machine from a western manufacturer, said Cannon.

So far the company, which already distributes a range of XCMG products in the UK, has sold one QY50K to Jerome Doyle Crane Hire in Ireland. The crane is now working at Dublin Airport.

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