XGMA alternative energy

By Chris Sleight08 November 2010

XGMA will be exhibiting a new wheeled loader powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The inherently higher energy content of this fuel, means that XGMA's CNG machine will have only about 50% of the fuel costs of a comparable diesel machine, and the company says it is also -40% quieter.

The company also said that the gas burns cleaner than diesel, producing fewer pollutants, and it also performs well in cold environments.

As far as the CNG cylinders are concerned, XGMA has opted for ISO standard gas bottles located centrally on the back of the machine. Three safety valves are combined with a quick connection device make changing cylinders as fast as possible, and the cylinders are also fire-proofed and insulated from heat sources to make the system as safe as possible. There are both in-cab and external gas gauges.

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